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Special Issue on Hybrid Logics


Hybrid logic is a branch of modal logic allowing direct reference to worlds/times/states. It is easy to justify interest in hybrid logic on the grounds of applications, as the additional expressive power is very useful. In addition, hybrid-logical machinery improves the behaviour of the underlying modal formalism. For example, it becomes considerably simpler to formulate modal proof systems, and one can prove completeness and interpolation results of a generality that is not available in orthodox modal logic. But more generally, the topic of this special issue is not only standard hybrid-logical machinery (like nominals, satisfaction operators, binders, etc) but also extensions of modal logic that increase its expressive power in one way or other.

For more general background on hybrid logic, and many of the key papers, see the Hybrid Logics homepage.

The special issue will welcome papers in a wide range of topics, including description logic, feature logic, applied modal logics, temporal logic, and labelled deduction.

We welcome both theoretical work and work describing systems and applications on hybrid logics, broadly conceived.

All submissions will be peer reviewed with respect to the usual journal criteria. Authors are invited to submit original, previously unpublished, research papers written in English.


Submissions should be sent by email in PDF format to

areces (at) loria.fr

accompanied by a plain text abstract.


Papers should not exceed 25 pages including references. Authors are required to prepare their submissions in latex, using the following style

Deadline for Submissions

31st May, 2009

Guest Editors

Carlos Areces
e-mail: carlos.areces (at) loria.fr

Patrick Blackburn
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