Thursday's Report
[-Thursday1-] Two invited speakers this time. And the day was also particular in other respects.

In the first talk, Bill Wadge will introduce a hybrid predicate calculus developed during his experience teaching Logic to undergraduates. Even though the calculus has the same expressive power than first-order logic, it exhibits promising pragmatic advantages, being closer to ``everyday'' language.

The second talk will be by Geert-Jan Kruijff. After Mike Reape's cancellation for health reasonsy, Geert-Jan volunteered (and he only needed minor coercion of the organizers), to present ``on the fly'' his opinion concerning the connections between hybrid languages and the analysis of natural language. [-Thursday2-]
[-Thursday3-] Thursday hid yet another surprize, as the workshop received the visit of Dr. Martin Prior, Arthur Prior's son. You can see him in the second line of benches, in the picture to the left.

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