Friday's Report
The series of individual presentations hosted by the workshop closed with Patrick Blackburn disussion of Arthur Prior's late work. [-Friday1-]
The official last event of the workshop was a round table, where we invited, among others, people like Dov Gabbay, Alexander Koller, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Drew Moshier, Luciano Serafini and Bill Wadge, who contributed their views on hybrid logics, and their ideas on how the field could develop and which could be interesting issues to address.

The round table turned promplty into a lively discussion, as the attendants joined in with questions and comments.

The unofficial last event was a surprize test (after all, we were in a school!!). We are pround to say that most people passed the exam with excellent marks :).

You can see everybody taking the test in the pictures below. The scans of the two page test are also provided. If you decide to take the test yourself, send us your results!

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